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Thread: Older minimag, what do I have here and whats it worth

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    Older minimag, what do I have here and whats it worth

    Hey peps,

    So I have this minimag I bought way, way back in the day. In the 90's. I haven't played PB since probably early 2000, but I've periodically fired the gun since then and it has worked as well as I remember it.

    I can't really remember much about it (college was hard on the old memories, if ya catch my drift) other than I paid a lot money for it back then. I am hoping you all can tell me a little bit more about it (parts etc) and what it might be worth. It just sits around in my house and doesn't get used and I'm moving soon and would rather it go to a good home. Where someone can enjoy it like I used to. I know it probably needs cleaned and a tune up.

    I don't know if the bolt was upgraded or if this is stock? I remember something about that stuff back in the day. Here's some pics of it.

    When I bought it, it had the body cut? or milled down for the double trigger. I think I remember something about an upgraded trigger piston? Not sure. I do remember taking it apart, tinkering and adjusting the trigger to make it pull faster/smoother.

    The barrel was an upgrade. I can't recall the specs for it. I think, I maybe wrong though, it is a PMI barrel? Pretty sure it was "ceramic" or the inside is "ceramic coated"? It is 12". Always shot great for me.

    Here are some pics of the whole gun. Not sure what you call the way to run air was changed up too anymore.

    I also have a change of hosing for that black hosing at the bottom that is thinner with the bolts to hook that up as well. Not sure if the thinner or thicker hosing is better.

    Any help on telling me what exactly I have here and what it might be worth would be greatly appreciated.


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    just an old minimag. you are correct about the pmi barrel. you *may* have a reactor on/off (that's the part that goes into the bottom of the valve), but you'ld have to take it out and post a pic to be certain. looks like a stock agd level 7 bolt to me. whoever gets it will likely need to replace all of the o-rings, and replace the old (spring) power tube spacer with a newer (brass) one eventually.

    i'd say about $110 shipped here tops, possibly more on ebay.

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