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Thread: Sk8ermog Project #5 - Hawaiian Mag / 20bps Classic Mag

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    Cool Sk8ermog Project #5 - Hawaiian Mag / 20bps Classic Mag

    I had a thread started for this, but I wanted to make a new one that had all the information and was updated. Enjoy.

    Back in day I used to live in Hawaii and currently my parents, sister and her husband all live on Maui so I have a deep love of the Islands. I saw that a paintball field in Hawaii was trying to sell off the renal automags they had been using for a few years, but I missed the first round of sales. A few weeks ago I found one of the MCB Hawaiian Rental mags and bought it from Mercenario. I told him I was going to restore it and he asked that I show him pictures and I thought I'd share those pictures with you guys.

    Here is the original thread:

    24 Hawaii ULE-Bodied Automags

    Here is how it looked when I got it:

    The main trigger screw was rusted and stripped so I had to take a dremel to it.

    Finally got the parts apart and found a nice coating of Hawaiian mud.

    Time for a much needed bath...

    Put back together with a spare CF single trigger I had:

    But why stop at just bringing this old girl back to life when I could breath new life into her...

    I had a few parts laying around that needed to be put into action...

    And the "Hawaiian Hyper" was born:

    But the questions everyone wants to know is if she works... You tell me:

    First Mode was 5BPS burst mode at a 20BPS set. The next mode was semi at 20BPS, but because of the stiff micro switch it's still too hard to walk. The last mode was full auto 20BPS. The reason it stopped working was because a spacer I had behind the noid had slipped out. I replaced it with a better option and she was back up and running.

    UPDATE 10/13/14

    I sent the rail to Luke and he ULE'd milled it and milled down the sides to almost be like a Shadow Rail. I then sent the body, rail, bike grip and RT Vert ASA to my anodizer. I wanted a black/blue mix with something special for the body. They did a nice blue acid wash on the body and feedneck to match. It has a bit of a dark "tropical" feel now. I had the Hyperframe grips also anodized blue to match the other parts. Take a look:

    I love that you can still see the "Field Rental" on the body. I have a different CP on/off coming (in blue of coarse) and I need to tune the valve again. I plan to post a video of it shooting in full auto at 20BPS real soon.

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    Amazing transformation! Excellent!

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    It so good to see automags brought back to life! It is sad to see so many tippmanns and cockers wither away into the inevitable parts bin.

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    why'd you ditch the reverse 15*? I thought that looked pretty sweet with the hyperframe.

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    good lookin' mag!

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    I have a Hawaiian ULE as well. I love the milling on the rail...inspiration

    What rail milling is that?
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