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Thread: Sk8ermog Project #3: Angel-Mag Build (DONE)

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    Cool Sk8ermog Project #3: Angel-Mag Build (DONE)

    I can't be the first to do this. Honestly this was the easiest build I've ever done. I happen to win an auction on Ebay for a cheap 90* 05/06 Angel frame w/ trigger. A quick drill for a new front hole and a trimming of sear and here we are:

    Only shot it a few times with the little air I had left in my scuba tank. I just got it refilled so I'm going to try some paint through it to see if I need to adjust anything, but so far it was almost drop-in ready. The only problem is that after I took the photos I decided to tighten the grip scews a little more and cracked the top right of the left grip. Doesn't look too bad, but it was a stupid mistake. Thanks again to Runamok for the killer deal on the grips. Now I just have to find a 45* Angel trigger frame to do the same mod. I think I like the look of the 05 Angel Gat trigger frame better then the 90*.

    UPDATE: 7/3/14

    So I messed around with the sear, on/off and vert trigger frame and I think it's where I want it to be. I might go back to my ULT cause I never really liked super RT-ing mags, but the bounce from this trigger frame really is awesome and controllable compared to an I-Frame. I had to drill out the trigger some more to make the sear rod hit in the right spot. I'm going to pick up an extra Angel trigger as a back up.

    The next "upgrade" I did to the mag was put an Angel 05' reg forgrip on the Shadow rail. I've always loved the simple look of the Angle reg so I picked one up for cheap on Ebay and gutted it. Matched up pretty well except it's dust black instead of gloss black. To top it all off I put a newer Angel clamping feedneck on the ULE and now it's fully a 50/50 Angel Mag. 3x AGD parts and 3X WDP (Angel) Products.


    So I ended up selling the vert Angel frame because I just could not enjoy it like I wanted to when I really wanted a 45* style Angel grip frame from a Fly or Gat. Well after trolling ebay for one I actually found 2! I snagged both of them along with another Angel forgrip/reg to match. Here is the result:

    Aside from the little bit of red in the grips and some rubber missing from part of the back of the grip, it really is an awesome setup. The frame blends much better with the rail and forgrip then the vert one did. I am really happy with the look so now its time to tune the trigger just the way I like it. Oh and I was stupid and stripped the macro fitting in the forgrip/reg so it's staying in there for now. Maybe someday I'll find a way to get it out or turn the reg into a LPR for a pneumatic option. hmmmmm...

    Like I said I bought 2 of these trigger frames and I drilled both of them to work with mags. I am thinking about selling the other one cause it's dust black and doesn't match anything I have. If you are interested then PM me.

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