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Thread: "Finishing" a Raw Aluminum Body

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    "Finishing" a Raw Aluminum Body

    Recently I aquired myself a raw aluminum body and I have been contemplating on how to finish it. I do like the raw aluminum look, so I was originally thinking a simple clear anno will do. Then I saw this idea used on an aluminum bike frame:

    Do ya'll think this finishing style will look good and function well on a mag body? I do like it on the bike frames.

    I figure I may need to avoid the underside of the body that meets up with the frame. I fear altering this area might create a slight angle between the body and the valve. Good thought or am i paranoid on that one?

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    IMO, just doing the body, won't look good if the rail and frame are gloss. If you did the entire gun, then it should look good. Remember, its your gun so your opinion matters most.

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