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Thread: 68 automag classic valve body location

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    68 automag classic valve body location

    First post.

    I ended up with the marker in a CL deal, and have been trying to get it running for my son. I could not get the gun to seal, and disassembled and reassembled the gun several times trying to determine the cause of the leaks. I installed a soft-parts rebuild kit, and the problem didn't change.

    Then, after the umpteenth test, I noticed the gun seemed okay when I first gassed it, but then leaked after the first shot. I realized the valve body was moving aft, and leaving a good gap between it and the main body of the marker (photo). Testing that, I used a big ziptie around the feedneck and the gas port to hold the valve body in the proper (fully forward) position. Rigged thus, the gun operates normally, with no leaks.

    So, looking at the 'receiver' of the marker, I see the 'keyway' where the locating pin goes. Apparently, there is something incorrect there, but I don't know what it should look like. I've attached a photo so perhaps someone can tell me what's wrong.

    Assuming the keyway is compromised, how can I fix it? Can AGD do anything with it?

    Second question: What is the starting 'setting' for the regulator? How many turns from where?

    Thanks! pr
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    need a picture of the bottom of the valve. there is a roll pin that goes in the bottom of the valve that inserts in that slot in the rail, but it really does nothing to keep the valve from moving its more of an alignment guide so the field strip screw lines up easier. also a pick of the bottom of the frame with the field strip screw would help.

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    the gap between the valve and body is normal. also, there is no "starting" setting for the regulator. turn it in just until the gun begins to function. after that, you just need to shoot some paintballs over a chronograph to dial it in. remember to fire ten times or so after making adjustments to allow the regulator spring to settle.

    next, watch this troubleshooting video. it will give you a good idea of where to look, and what to look for. if the leak stops when you hold the trigger, you need a new power tube o-ring, or smaller power tube spacer, and possibly a new bolt spring.

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    I cant tell for sure by looking at the pics, but is there a spacer in the rail where the rear field strip screw goes? If not, there should be and this may be causing you're problem.

    It should look like this:

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    Rail bushing is missing.

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    did you get this fixed?

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