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Thread: First mag I'm kinda proud of.

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    First mag I'm kinda proud of.

    Been buying and selling off things I didn't care for but I think I've put something together that I really like. Super comfortable and is fun to RT, best part is there is plenty of room in the frame to drop in a pneu kit if I want. Started out as a mess up because I bought a dm5 frame instead of a PM5 frame but I think I'm more happy with it this way, the way the frame sits further up makes it easy to snap shoot with. Looks like I'll use it for a couple of months and off to anno/powdercoating with it.
    PS: automag sears DO NOT like to be bent unless you heat them up first.
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    I really like the way it looks with the frame that far forward, it shortens the gap between the frame and the foregrip and gives it a really clean look.

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