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Thread: RT PRO Intellifeed, pro lites, X7

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    RT PRO Intellifeed, pro lites, X7

    I Will send priority W/insurance
    Shipping is not included in price
    Paypal only

    RT PRO
    I'm selling my RT PRO, the marker is in very good shape. The only marks on the marker are on the rail below the air input (Visible on pictures) and the barrel has some small scuffs.
    I went through a couple of months ago cleaned and oiled everything. The marker fires really well, I can make a shooting video if you are interested.
    The iframe is setup with intel wire and comes with the matching vl revy (in really good shape). The intel setup works really well and feeds the marker great.
    As far as the price goes, I really don't know exactly so I'm going to start at $300, but it is quite OBO

    Tippmann Pro-lites
    So, I was going to keep these around for back yard play. I just don't have time to play with them and get em working well. Both hold air, but need some tuning to get em to shoot perfect.

    Tippmann X7
    X7 works really well and has been used very little.
    Condition 9.5/10
    Comes with Rico hopper or stock hopper.
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