Up for sale/trade is my sexy chromed out RTPro mag. This this shoots great and rt's like a beast. Such a small compact package that can destroy all those electros at your field. Then take off the grips and wow the crowd with NO BATTERIES!!! I haven't chronoed it to know exactly how fast it will go, but I can ensure you that 10 bps would be no problem.

Here are the specs:

Chrome LF Classic Body
RTPro valve with RT valve and level 10
stock am/mm rail
chrome intelliframe w/ beautiful handmade wood 45 grips - a few tiny nicks in the chrome, but this is the cleanest chrome mag frame I have seen in my 6+ years
chrome gas thru foregrip (I can slap some 90's on there if you don't like the big macro loop)
Drop forward and degassing asa (not sure of the manufacturer)
J&J Ceramic barrel

This gun is in excellent physical and operational condition. She rt's (or bounces) perfectly and the lvl 10 is tuned to perfection. A true electro killer (I had her out last weekend and put down 3 luxes, 7 egos, 4 shockers and a particularly pissed off dm10 in 8 or so games).

I am going to start out at $275 shipped and this is very much OBO. Also, I ship USPS 2-day priority and I usually ship next day. Please feel free to make an offer, worst I can say is no thank you. Not looking to part at this time.

Also, let's see some trade offers!!!!!! I will look at anything, but big time top of the list for a half-blocked cocker pump or mech (CCM preferred) and for the right deal I have 3 or 400 I can throw on top.

Ok, enough of that, let's roll that beautiful mag footage: