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Thread: SOLD - Automag with Helios Body. Level 10, and extra Parts

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    SOLD - Automag with Helios Body. Level 10, and extra Parts

    I am thinning out the collection to raise money for other endeavors. So up for sale is my Automag with helios body and extras.

    The marker works well, but the level 10 kit is finicky. Also, the macro lines leak a bit upon air up, but the leak goes away after the marker is fired a few times.

    -New Helios Body - Just purchased last month.
    -New CCM Low Rise Feedneck
    -New CP Autococker Detent
    (these three items alone cost me over $120 with shipping)

    -Used AGD Rail - Good Cosmetic condition
    -Used AGD Valve - There are no markings on the back half but it is AGD. The front half is labeled MM13377.
    -Used Micromag 2000 Double Trigger- Good cosmetic condition with some nicks and scratches.
    -New VL Foregrip
    -Used Level 10 kit - There is some sear wear around the bolt flange, but it works fine.
    -Used 1 piece Autococker Barrel - Unknown brand

    -Two Used Bolts - One ANS Phase II and one AGD foamie
    -RT On/Off
    -Used Right Feed Body - Good Cosmetic Condition
    -Additional parts o-rings etc (see photo)

    I am asking $200 OBO (includes shipping in the USA and paypal fees. SOLD

    I would like to avoid parting at this time, but I might if there is enough interest.

    I do not have much feedback on the paintball forums yet, but I have over 800 positive eBay transactions (jon8299 on eBay) so rest assured I will take care of you.

    Please post then PM


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