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Thread: warp feed

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    warp feed

    got one installed on a classic mag, mag still needs some minor adjustments for comfort. my question is the revy is loose in the warp feed and none of my halo's will fit at all, too big. I figure electrical tape will fix the revy but would like a better solution as for the halo I have no idea. all suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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    i just use masking tape; it's a lot less messy then electrical tape in the long run. i still have some masking tape on a feed neck from 20 years ago that still does the job just fine. it might not be elegant, but it works, and once the hopper is in nobody will know.

    halo's just have non-standard feed necks...nothing you can do about it other than put it on something else with a huge clamping feed neck. modifying the halo's neck would likely weaken it making it prone to cracking, and modifying the warp feed would be the same issues...that plastic is only so thick.

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    I had the same problem with a rotor. I loosened the warp body screws a little bit until the loader slipped into place and tighten up the screws. Worked great

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    Revis are perfect and I like the Luke's warp forward bracket

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