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Thread: Etek (I think) Mag

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    Etek (I think) Mag

    So, what's a ballpark estimate?

    No idea what the board in the grip is, but it fired perfect last time I tried. Thinking maybe I'd sell it to Tbagginz for less than it is worth, but then I got to thinkin'.. maybe I could swing it for a pump and deal with him later

    I believe it has:
    -Ule body (what is the top feed neck?)
    -Etek frame
    -classic valve (but with an ANS back)
    -RPG front grip
    -RT rail
    -whatever ASA
    -some sort of LPR
    -dye aluminum barrel
    -ccm black air fittings

    Thanks AO!

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    What kind of pump are you looking for? I'll PM you.

    A picture of the guts in the frame would be awesome.

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    pump mag or something with ccm components.

    I'll post a pic of the internals today!

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    -Etek frame w/Virtue Board (stock board included)
    -front half of the valve is from a classic valve
    -back half of the valve is ANS
    -Unknown ASA (looks like a CP) with what looks like CP ASA rail
    -unknown LPR
    -silver ULE body
    -Gloss black RT rail
    -silver RT sight rail and fore grip fitting
    -unknown gloss black feedneck with twist-to-tighten operation
    -silver air fitting on ASA
    -gloss black ccm fittings on fore grip
    -RPG gas thru fore grip

    Ambiguity to address: the on/off is not a lvl 10. When I had the etek frame fitted, the on/off could not be a lvl 10 for a particular reason, though I was told that it still would not just chop balls like a lvl 7. When I fired it, it didn't chop balls and I was shootin' ropes. If someone can address this issue with some tech-talk, I'd be very appreciative. If I remember correctly, the work was done by Loguzzzzzo.

    This Saturday I will take it to the field and try to get a video of its operation.


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    There isn't a level 10 on/off. The level 10 would be the bolt. The on/off would be some variant of a classic on/off, a ULT or a RT on/off. I could be interested in taking this off your hands if you're interested in a pumpmag. PM me if so.

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