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Thread: Carter Mongoose FST: Bring classic automags + cash! GONE

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    Carter Mongoose FST: Bring classic automags + cash! GONE


    It's been a while since I've posted on AO, but I think I'll have better luck finding what I'm after here.

    Up for sale/trade today is my Carter Machine Mongoose (pretty much a mini-Buzzard). I acquired this beauty somewhat recently, but I don't think I'm cut out for the pistol platform.

    The gun has no leaks, and was shooting around 270 when I last used it. There is one notable scratch on the barrel, but it is mostly hidden under the pump handle. (I'll get better picture when I get out of work today). I have replaced the two grip frame screws with black screws since these pictures were taken. I'll include the original stainless ones as well. The barrel is pretty short, but seems to be around .686 or .685, and has nail polish detents. I've never had a roll out.

    Here's what you get:

    It will come with the velocity adjuster and a fist full of twelve grams. I have a few 10 round tubes to spare if you need them as well.

    Price: GONE

    Trades: Ideally I'd like a classic valved mag and cash. Any steel body will do, and I'd like a CF single frame if possible. I'll also look at just about any paintball gun that includes $100 or more. Pumps and mechanicals are more my style these days.

    Thanks for looking! Feel free to post or PM any questions.
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    traded to me.

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