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Thread: Logic UMF frame gen's or versions?

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    Logic UMF frame gen's or versions?

    Can anybody tell me the difference between the different gen's or versions of these frames? I've seen them listed as V1 or 3rd gen, etc. but no explanation as to what that really means.

    Thanks guys.

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    Didn't the first version not have a saftey on them? I may be wrong but that's what I remember

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    Kinda wondering myself; mine has a safety, no dovetail on the bottom, and it has slots in the trigger guard. I haven't seen another one with all those features.
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    I've 3 and all of them have safety and dovetail, but no slot in the trigger guard

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    LOL, more confusion ....

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    anymore insight on this?

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    robertreed711: Check out the Logic Paintball articles in the AO Archive. It may have what you are looking for.

    I think there are V1, V2, V3 models. The 1st came out with the release of the "Electro Mag Solution" preorder. The V2 came out later and featured a saftey and a few other changes. I think the easist way to see V1 compared to V2 is the location of the "L" logo on the frame.

    First Generation UMF:

    Second Generation UMF:

    Third Generation UMF:

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