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Thread: Mag parts (updated 04-21-19)

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    Quote Originally Posted by greensplash View Post
    Tried to PM you but I basically am looking for a price on a full mag

    purple ULE body
    RT rail with the front drop bracket
    rt sear
    grip screw and valve screw

    sending you a pm. I didn't realize i hadn't updated this thread in awhile. I will do that. The purple ule is gone.
    Quote Originally Posted by caylegeorge View Post
    Inbox full -

    Do you have a set of power-tube spacers for sale? I have an old valve with the spring and would like to upgrade. If so, what would be price+shipping to WA state 98052.

    I do. Shoot me a pm with the sizes/colors your looking for. I have both agd and ptp.

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    Quote Originally Posted by captian pinky View Post
    your messages are full.
    I just cleared my inbox; I'm not sure how it would be full since there were only 10 or so messages in it.


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