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Thread: more warp feed advice needed

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    more warp feed advice needed

    whats a good asa to use on an rt classic? the only way a duck bill will fit is if I clearance cut it. i'm going to be using remote air so I only need the asa as a shoulder stock adapter anyway, just wondered if there was an easy, cheap way to do this. my first attempt at dremeling a revy shell failed miserably, i'll have to be more careful with the next one.

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    Would one of Luke's angled (offset) Asa adapters help?

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    Quote Originally Posted by vintage View Post
    whats a good asa to use on an rt classic?.
    any rail-mounted asa or on/off asa should be fine. as for standard asas, i really like these. it's angled down so you have the correct rise, and more under the grip so the fitting is not digging into your wrist.

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    If you're using a remote but want a shoulder contact patch... use any ASA + a gas thru stock...

    If you're looking for something a little snazzier, try a Dock Nickel P-stock!
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    i need an asa that will clear the warp feed bracket without modification.

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