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Thread: RT-Pro lvl 10 w/ parts

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    RT-Pro lvl 10 w/ parts

    This RT-pro valve has different halves. I got it as an empty body and spent $80 getting the internals direct from AGD.
    I'm including a lvl10 bolt with all the carriers and parts kit.

    So what's it worth?

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    i think used rt valves with lvl 7 go for ~$100, so i'd say $150 tops with the lvl 10? i could be off though...try searching the misc parts forum for previous sales to get a better idea. mis-matched halves don't really matter, as long as it's tested and works with no leaks out of the side hole or back reg nut, and the lvl 10 works the way it should; no leaks and resets properly when blocked. make a note of the on/off pin length (if you know which one you got or can measure it with some calipers) and the carrier sizes for the buyer's reference (which carrier is currently installed, and which carriers come with the valve). if it has new o-rings throughout, mention that or state which ones are new.

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    It all cycled fine together, but I haven't played a game with it. Just got it all together a few days ago.

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