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Thread: Pump Automag

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    Pump Automag

    For sale, a Classic mag with Rainman pump kit:
    -Powerfeed left SS body
    -CF single trigger frame with working safety
    -AGD rubber grips
    -LVL 7 bolt
    -Rainman pump kit with hitman mod
    -Doc's Machine (I believe) twistlock to AC thread adapter with detent
    -Locking velocity adjuster
    -Silver/Chrome colored front grip

    -ASA or On/Off

    As with all mags (at least in my experience), this marker shoots great. The pump stroke is short (estimating about 1/4") and smooth. I bought the pump kit straight from Rainman and it is great. This marker is a player's marker, not a wall hanger, so there is some wear on just about every part, but the marker doesn't leak and shoots true.

    I'm selling for a few reasons:
    -When I play pump, its typically SC
    -I prefer a longer pump stroke
    -I like moving the bolt forward with my pump stroke, I find I get less ball breaks that way

    I love mags, and I love pump play, they just don't go together for me, which is disappointing.

    Asking $300 shipped to the US OBO.

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    Bump and price drop.

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