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Thread: icd alley cat

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    icd alley cat

    I know absolutely nothing about these....but I have an opportunity to buy this

    theres one on ebay rightnow for 500.00 but that seems way ridiculous

    what say ye AO?

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    Seems high to me. I would think they should be in the 250-350 range. Don't know for sure...just my gut reaction.

    Here is what I am seeing them go for on other forums...50 in just black with an odd barrel...75, I would guess my 250-350 was high at that even.
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    Just bought one off eBay that was black for $35. They made a ton of them and even some fields used them as rentals. Cool colors and very air only are a bit more rare but not worth more then $125 IMO. Fun gun regardless.

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    Thanks guys
    I'm not afraid to say I was going to try and flip it
    Unless the seller really wants to lower his price....
    I think this is the first time AO has SAVED me money lol...Usually I come here and leave broke

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    Yup $100ish

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    ICD stuff doesn't flip so well. It's good, it works, it's fun, but the market is pretty thin on the people that appreciate it.

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