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Thread: Tac-One, X7, TiPX, VS3, MR1

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    Tac-One, X7, TiPX, VS3, MR1

    Hey guys, hope everyone is havin a great Saturday! Well, got some bills to pay and rather then sweat it out, I figured Id clean out the closet of the guns that never get touched anymore. All guns shoot great and I planned on keeping them for friends to play and scenario games, but I roll with a group of mag guys now who all have their own toys, and I never play scenario. I feel the prices are pretty fair, if anyone has any questions feel free to shoot em my way. Id prefer $ over trade, but who knows. All prices are without shipping, buyer pays shipping (shipped out of California). Post then PM. PayPal only. Thanks!

    Tac-One Mag: Classic Valve, Benchmark rt double trigger, Bike grip, 16" barrel shroud, 18" All American 2 piece (scratches around holes for longbow, from previous owner) - $350

    TiPX: Bought brand new, used 3 times. Milsig First Strike round breach, (comes with stock as well) stock gun case with 2 clips, (moded to use f/s rounds as well) and one Zetmag 20 round f/s ready clip with Tippmann gun holster/strap. - $235

    X7 - Bought brand new, used maybe 15/20 times. Remote-Line included. I have all stock parts with sell, installed upgrades are as follow (installed and tuned by TechT)... Exalt speed feed, Flatline Barrel, JCS Stock (collapsable), Response double trigger, JCS Red Hot Power Tube, TechT No Kick Hammer, TechT slotted Q.E.P.H. system, TechT Vortex SS mod (replaces plastic ratchet system for cyclone with aluminum), TechT Lightning Rod Piston, TechT Squishy Paddles. - $330

    MR1 - Bought brand new, used 2 times. Bone stock, comes with a 12oz Co2 canister as well. - $50

    VS3 - Second owner, used maybe 5,10 times. Love this gun and the trigger setup, just bought it before I was into mags, I don't play speedball and i cant let it just sit on my shelf, haha. Stock setup. Comes with a updated LED board as well, when I first got it it wouldn't shoot right, thought it was the board so I bought a new board and a spyder battery. Yea, turns out the spyder battery is a 9.6 volt. that extra .2/.4 is what made the difference, never had to replace the board, shoots like a champ. - $140

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