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Thread: Top Gun NJ - Sunday July 20th

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    Top Gun NJ - Sunday July 20th

    Be there or be square. Look for BigEvil and I.

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    "Non-Vintage gun day"

    "New Axe owners appreciation day"
    Home of the Nice, Nice AutoMag people

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigEvil View Post
    "Non-Vintage gun day"

    "New Axe owners appreciation day"
    this time last year i said to myself :
    Man i really wanted to get there Soooo bad
    and/or an A.O.LL game for that matter

    oh and i always recommend the AXE and MINI to all NON-AUTOMAG users . In fact, i have used them in the past myself
    Hell , i still own an early version mini .
    anyway not trying to jack thread so
    " have fun tomorrow ! "

    " one day i will play again ,....oh yes , day " lol

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    I thought the non-vintage day was this coming Saturday for some reason.

    Lovely. Well, hopefully you guys had fun.

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    We did
    CNC Programmer/Machinist
    Polarstar Engineering and Machine

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    I had a great time.
    Shot dayspring like 3 times.
    Got to see the guys from stud squad.
    Blasted martin the bitter reff from across the field with a first strike round.
    Watched tommy cut a polar bear in half with a warped feed mag.
    It was a good time.

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