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Thread: AutoResponse Issue

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    AutoResponse Issue

    So thought I'd set up my mag with the autoresponse frame today which I haven't used it, was going to machine-gun tomorrow. Frame works great on the single-shot option but when I pull the safety to the AR mode, it still only fires on the pull but on the release it makes an odd sound. Nothing too loud or anything but it's hard to describe, no chuff or anything. I'll try getting a video up later on.

    Not sure if I didn't put the sear back in correctly when I was stretching it through the rail to put the pin in or not. Perhaps there's a better way to do it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by need4reebs View Post
    Safety to tha AR mode? huh?
    ^^^what he said, I own several of these frames....not sure what your talking about

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    Let's see pics of your frame with the grips off. The whole safety thing doesn't make sense.

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    You can adjust the trigger rod on the AR frames so that the safety can act as a stop so that the trigger pull fires the gun but doesn't pull far enough to cause the second shot to be fired on the release. I suspect that the trigger rod adjustment is off a bit on this frame such that the return is causing a short stroke or bolt stick situation of some sort. Shorten the trigger rod a bit and see if that helps.
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