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Thread: What would you do???

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    What would you do???

    So I have this micromag blue nights ano. As you can see I have the matching frame, i was thinking of taking the lowers out of my other emag and put into the matching frame and turn this into an emag. I would have to get the battery pack and duck bill ano to match and maybe couple other things I would want. But i was also thinking, maybe i can turn it into a pneumag or ep pneumag.

    Any of you use a emag frame for pnuemag, you guys think this a terrible idea to do to a micomag and matching frame?

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    I think the problem will be the matching anno. pk selects did all of them for PTP and PTP quit using them because their prices got too high. I don't know if they are even still in business. and I can't see a thing.

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    regarding turning the micromag into a micro-emag: you may run into issues with your sear. the sears used in micromag emags had a different bushing (flush with the sear and had a larger ID), also the sears themselves were ground down and are a little thinner than the regular emag sears. so at a minimum you would have to press out the current bushing and press in a new one, or find a micro-emag sear.

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    Also you would need the spacer that goes between the emag lowers and body. Then you most likely would want the vanity plate that goes in the front to cover the top of the emag battery. Between the sear, spacer and other issues with turning a normal micromag into an Emag is kind of a headache.

    If you are looking to keep your awesomely anodized vert micro then I'd suggest a hyperframe to make it an electronic mag with little to no effort. Also since it's missing a vert ASA you might want to watch this thread:

    Also here is my thread with the original idea:

    Personally I really like your micromag and think it looks great. I don't know if your asking price was on par with the market, so if you plan to keep it then you should make it awesome.

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    Hit me up, I have the spacer and vanity plate you need.

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    The emag sear is easily modified into a micro-emag sear. You just grind the bushings on the sides so that they are flat with the sides of the sear itself. Then you drill out the center so that it fits the larger sear pin.
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    thanks guys for all the information and input. I had totally forgotten about the sear been different from the others.

    I am not totally worried about doing the matching ano, I have seen some work from guys on here and MCB that did a matching ano on other ones that I would think were way harder to match than this one.

    for some reason it did not let me post pictures the other night from my phone, was able to do it before. but now had to wait till I got on my lap top.
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    Ohhh, me want

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