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    RT micromag

    It is in pretty good condition imo, only scratch I can see it right by the feedneck where you have to screw on the elbow, other than that its flawless. I haven't aired it up in a long time, maybe 8 years? my old nitro duck CF tank went out of hydro around the time I quit playing, so that sounds about right. I tried over on pbnation for days and never got a response, I am hoping this is a better avenue. It has a 12" old school boomstick on it, I still have the original shorty barrel that came stock with it too, and a full RT rebuild kit that is still in the original AGD box. I know the pics leave something to be desired, but its the best I can do at the moment.

    -PS; it obviously wasn't a RT when I got it, the original valve **** out on me and I opted to upgrade to RT at the time.

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    Welcome to the Automags forum. I guarantee we will treat you better then the kids on PBnation.

    That's an awesome Micromag. Here are some average prices you could ask for it.

    Full Package as shown: $250-300

    Parting Out Prices:

    - Micromag Body w/ Vert ASA (Never Separate These! : $100 - $140
    - RT Valve (No LvL10 Bolt): $90 - $130
    - Benchmark Single Trigger: $30 - $50
    - CP Gas Thru: $15 - $30
    - Adjustable Drop Forward: $5 - 15
    - Stainless Steel Glued Boomstick Barrel: $15 - $30

    The first price is the "Sell ASAP" price which means at those prices the parts will go very fast, but they are still fair prices. The second price is the average price those parts go for but tend to sit for awhile. You could potentially sell those parts for higher, but from my experience selling all those exact same parts those are the numbers I've seen them go for on average. You can also always state that the buyer is required to pay for shipping so you don't loss any extra money shipping parts out.

    You can see that parting it out can make a bit more money, but the drawback is that you have to ship to several different places and it might take longer to sell everything.

    Hope that helps. Also if you have the original messed up Micromag valve then I personally would be interested in buying it. Let me know. Thanks.

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    thx for the info sk8ermog, mr. red got in contact with me shortly after you posted and bought it off me almost immediately. I was surprised to find that my made in 1999 cf nitroduck tank still had almost 1k psi in it, so I gassed up the gun and cycled it, the pressure wasn't high enough to make the RT work but it cycled fine, and now its in the mail on its way to a new (hopefully very happy when he gets it) owner.

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    Awesome. RED is a great guy and I'm glad it went to him. Thanks for stopping by the forum.

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    When you're in the market for a specific marker, and one just so happens to pop up, you better pull the trigger before someone else comes along and snags it. This forum is, after all, a mag enthusiast forum.

    - RED

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