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Thread: Appraise my Emag!

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    Appraise my Emag!

    It's currently in pieces right now as the electronic board has been sent out to Tuna to be flashed to the Xmod 1.8 software, So I don't have a picture but here are the specs.

    • ULE'd Rail.
    • UL'ed bottom battery pack plate.
    • Two-piece carbon fiber body with Dual detents & and CCM clamping feendeck.
    • Xmod.1.8
    • X valve with Lvl. 10 bolt.

    I'm in no way shape or form looking to sell the marker. I just want to see how much it's worth compared to how much I have put into it. For ****s and giggles. lol

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    based on what lesser emags have sold for, and considering what it has, i'd say at least $600. you can always search the marker forum for "emag" and get a rough idea of what they sell for here, or search ebay's completed listings.

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    I agree. 6-7 hundo sounds about right

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