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Thread: VW Jetta ?

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    VW Jetta ?

    Have any of you guy's owned or own or worked on a Jetta?
    I'm looking for a smaller vehicle, and I need some advice on Jetta's between 2005.5 -2007,gas,automatic. My next door neighbor and his wife have a gas and diesel. So pros cons loves hates. Help me out here,please. Oh! and ballpark prices vs. mileage?
    Thank you from a guy trying to get out of a 95 surburban.
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    I have owned a 2009 Jetta TDI w/DSG. Never should have sold that one. Traded it on a 2011 Jetta TDI w/DSG. Great car also. Traded that one in on a 2013 Passat TDI w/DSG. This one gets about 50 MPG on long trips. These are the best cars on the market for the price I believe. Get one. Don't get the gas model.
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    I don't know about the newest ones or diesel types. But i had a 94/95. Barely had 84kmiles on it and I was going to have to replace the sun roof, was stuck open, lifters or valves were knocking and ac went out. To replace all this it was going to be around 4k, the week before I was going to take it in, that weekend I total it. I did end up getting a pretty good value from the insurance.

    If i was looking at a car, I'd look at Honda, Toyota, and hyundai also maybe kai, Used or knew. Specially if you can find one that was returned on a lease and had all services done at the dealers.

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    We own a 2006 TDI. Love it. Can get over 1100 km highway if I keep my foot out of it. That being said, VW automatic transmissions between the years you are looking at can have issues if they've been abused or used hard. We are lucky as ours was driven nice and well maintained before we bought it. Get a manual transmission if at all possible. Way, WAY more fun than the automatic.

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    I have a 2011 Jetta, gas/automatic and I love it. I went with the 2.5 over the 2.0, the 2.0 felt like it couldn't get out of its own way. I get about 30mpg on the highway.

    I have about 56k on it and haven't had any mechanical issues. I did have a speaker blow but thats probably my fault due to listening to music a little to loud. The only other issue I had was with the rear window/defroster. They had to replace the rear window because they said the contacts for the defrost were bad causing it to work intermintently.

    If I was to do it again I think I would spend the little extra and get the TDI then do the vegetable oil conversion after the warranty is up.

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    I am a mechanic who does work on VW's often both gas and diesel. Buy the diesel. The gas cars are junk period (again personal dealings with them
    [those who have good luck with them great I am happy for you]). Although the diesels DO REQUIRE more maintenance you will easily make up the difference with the tremendous fuel mileage. I would suggest the DSG transmission option try not to buy used I have personal experience with a used jetta (engine blew up leaving the dealer for a timing belt they never reset the injection pump timing : step brothers car ) and passat diesel bought used and was heavily butchered by the previous owners attempt to install a stereo. Nearly burned to the ground on the test drive. DO NOT BUY PRIVATE, go to a actual VW dealer for the best quality.

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    My sister has the 2.5 in her Jetta... 2007? (Its a MkV)... its a hog for gas, way worse than the 2.0t fsi in my 2006 GTI.
    I know several people with the TDI Sportwagon and they all love them.

    Extended warranty for drivetrain if you can...
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    I currently own a 2001 jetta TDI with 160k miles

    Previously owned a 03 TDI that I bought brand new and put 632k miles before the engine quit

    The 1.9L diesel engine is great and not to difficult to work on, the new ones have a 2.0 which is basically tje same engine but the transmissions are a pain I'm told

    I would jump on a chance to own a new Jetta TDI they are great

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    My wife and I both had 1996 VW TDIs, standard transmission. They were a blast to drive and awesome on mpg. The floor rusted out on my wife's around 320k but mine engine went at about 270k. Still very happy with the TDIs.

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