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Thread: Vinyl wrapped pump mag

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    Vinyl wrapped pump mag

    this was my first attempt at wrapping my mag. had some vinyl left over from getting my tahoe wrapped so i though, why not. the frame was a PITA. Now, i understand its not perfect, and im fine with that, but i feel it came out pretty friggin cool. I love the 7" DW.

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    Very nice. What type of vinyl?

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    I am typically not a fan of this sort of thing but I have to say that looks pretty good.

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    it was high grade 3m vinyl for vehicles. thx guys

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    How does it feel? I've used some 3m printed sheet and couldn't decide if I wanted it under my hands at the frame and handles.

    Save some wrap for your feeder, whatever it is.

    Do you drive your Tahoe to the field?

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    When my friend did my wrap he took the print and ran it through a laminating machine. It feels just like a gloss gun. Its pretty cool stuff. I usd my heat gun to make it pliable

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