My current project is getting close to done, and I'm looking to figure out parts for my next.

I'm going to make another pneumag, and this time around not with AGD spec parts.

The reason? Wide hands, Fat short fingers. Great for rock climbing. Not so good for AGD trigger setups.

I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on frames that would be:

Relatively small fore/aft at the top, short distance from back of frame to trigger
Not too short vertically
Relatively easy to mount to a mag (hole drilling is fine, milling a flat mounting face is less so)
Easy to get new grips for
Have a nice generous trigger guard

I'll probably need to bracket the pneumatic bits, and I'm fine with that.

Right now the short list is a 45 Angel G7 frame. I always loved that marker, but there are probably easier/more up to date/available options

I'd love to hear other ideas.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!