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Thread: Automag parts box - SOLD

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    Automag parts box - SOLD

    I don't want to do a mystery box cause I don't trust myself to make you really happy. Instead, I'm going to show you everything in the box and hope somebody wants all this stuff for significantly less than it would be to purchase the items individually.

    we have:
    pump-milled, hopper-right minimag body
    3-short pf plugs
    1-long pf plug
    tourney lock
    long dovetail rail
    ULE stock, black feedneck
    imitation (i think) micro rock LPR with some random lengths of lp hose (this was sold to me as working and I haven't touched it)
    various lengths of stainless hose, macroline, and microline
    stainless hose fittings (elbows, quick disconnect, etc.)
    standard black ASA
    32* PSI gauge
    4 different lvl7 bolts
    lvl7 powertube tip, spacer, and o-ring
    a bunch of different sizes of bolt springs
    and doc's twist-lock to cocker barrel adapter

    I think $60 TYD is a fair price.
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