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Thread: ULE Mag all Black

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    ULE Mag all Black

    ULE Mag all black. Looking to sell to purchase an EGO 11. What would you price this mag at? I know what everything is worth individually but trying to sell as a whole. Gun is in beautiful condition never have had any problems and it keeps up with electros when I play speedball. Have about 5-6 cases through it. used this past sunday and worked flawlessly. Want to sell as a whole and not part it out. It is also listed on ebay but I am just price testing on there.

    Rogufactor Intelliframe/Viperblade
    CCm 1" Feedneck
    CP Mini dovetail and Mini ASA
    Deadlywinds Carbon foregrip
    Xvalve ULT and lvl 10(have 5 shims in it which is personal preference)
    ULE body
    Rt Ule rail
    Kept the original macro line set up from AGD because my HPA is at 1100psi output

    If sold as is will include all the parts that AGD sent me (extra foregrip/ original asa/ original feedneck/ all spare parts kits/ auto-lube ect.)
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    i'd shoot for $500 if it were me.

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    I was thinking $500 also.

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    Bad form bumping when its on the first page. I would agree with the others that $450-500 is a fair price. It may take some time stuff really isn't selling very quickly right now, but it is a fair price.

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    LOL, certainly not worth the $900 ebay BIN price!

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    On ebay the BIN price is just thrown out there. Not expecting it to sell for that lol. Also on ebay I am adding the dye UL back and tip and the whip tip

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