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Thread: Ugly Pump

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    Ugly Pump

    I don't think she's that bad, but definitely not a wall hanger. (that one will come a bit later)

    This is a factory milled rail and body and AGD blem kit. (has some scratching on the top side of the handle instead of being polished smooth; does not affect performance)
    AGD cf frame with lapco-style plastic grips
    hacked ANS drop with duckbill ASA
    AGD olive sight rail
    .688 ANS phase II barrel
    rental valve with matching halves
    lvl7 bolt

    She shoots great in semi with no leaks. Unfortunately, I only had 500psi of air left after getting her tech'd in semi. So when I put the pump kit on, I could tell there were no leaks, but it wasn't enough to actually test her out. I'm including a gold spring and partially cut silver spring so you can get her just right. It includes the wave spring and cut-down blue bumper.

    Asking $275 TYD

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    central coast cali

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    marker is pending.

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    nice p mag

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