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Thread: Awesome new marker...give me $1600...I'll show you pics later

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    Awesome new marker...give me $1600...I'll show you pics later

    Has anyone seen this thread over on PBN?

    Bob Long hypes his new marker like this:

    "From the designer of the most custom milled paintball markers on the planet comes the brand new Reptile from BLAST. We have finally made gun worthy to stand beside the Ripper, Species and Dragon.
    This will truly be the most custom designed and milled marker made by us or anyone to date."

    Said it would be ready in 1-2 weeks. They're now at 3 weeks and no one has even seen a picture of a complete marker. And there are somewhere over 30 paid preorders.

    some people have too much money.

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    Pretty much reads like a Demotivator poster.

    "If a fancy milled body is all it takes to get you interested, ___________________."

    Fill in the blank.
    "Accuracy by aiming."

    Definitely not on the A-Team.

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    one of the countless instances of a manufacturer getting excited and spilling the beans too early

    best thing to do would have been to get them all milled polished and raw then reveal them and start taking orders

    from a manufacturing perspective I enjoy what happened in this case with the body blanks being scrapped (as harsh as that sounds), it really demonstrates the attention to detail necessary when making things, one upstream process gone just a little wrong ruined a whole project

    I dont know how many bodies got scrapped, if it was the whole 1st run as I am inclined to believe by following the pictures that were posted, then a significant amount of money was lost

    I am willing to wager that whoever was making the bodies was receiving significant pressure from superiors to complete the job ASAP, and likely made the mistakes in a rushed attempt to finish them

    one of my mantra's in the shop is "it takes as long as it takes", realistically that is the bottom line, there is a correct and (most importantly) safe way of doing things, rushing through first run or custom work is a recipe for disaster

    and on an aside, after seeing the rendering, I personally was not all that impressed with the looks of the body, and feel that the claims made in the OP are a little too bold as everything stands now
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    Haven't read every post but I've been watching it randomly.

    I hadn't seen that only 30 had been purchased.

    Saw where only 500 were to be manufactured.

    With all the chatter from the fan boys I'm surprised there's only been 30 preordered.
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    it's somewhere north of 30. Not sure exactly how many, but I think the delays are causing more people to wait until they see something real. I was just trying to count how many people said they had sent money.

    saw you asked on preorders and they said 120-200. Oh to have a name that causes people to throw money at you!
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    It looks nice and Imma let them finish, but the WGP Karnivor was the most reptile mill of all time.. OF ALL TIME.
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