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Thread: Automag RT premium Black Splashed

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    Automag RT premium Black Splashed

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for some info. who can help?
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    Automag RTs usually sell in the $150 - $225 range depending on the condition and upgrades. This one may go for more because of the Red Splash Anno and from these pictures it looks brand new. Are you looking to sell it?

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    black body may bring more. most of them I see have the polished body.

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    If you decide to sell it post here or PM me, I might be interested.

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    Thanks for all the info and interest. But haven't decided to sell it. I may hold out for the right offer.

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    Isnt the anno red smear? I just sold my one exactly the same for 220

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    Yes it is Red Smear and I need that barrel for mine

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flatliner333 View Post
    Yes it is Red Smear and I need that barrel for mine
    so do I Flatliner.

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    If you guys weren't in the states I have a spare barrel in smear red.

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    i''m willing to pay shipping

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