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Thread: Need some help... Florida Paintball Center "John Gross" Splash Automags

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    Question Need some help... Florida Paintball Center "John Gross" Splash Automags

    AO: I was wondering if anyone had any more information about the Florida Paintball Center Automags. I have seen a handful of guns/parts come up for sale and i'm trying to make sense of it all. I was able to find a thread that UThomas posted about his autococker many years ago and he had a handful of pictures from the wayback machine. (

    It looks like John Gross had permission from PTP to borrow some of the anodizing patterns and create his own splash automags. I was wondering what you splash mag fans think of it.

    Sorry for the micro pics, but that is all they had...

    Some of the automags/parts recently for sale...

    Should we split splash mags into another category? Smart Parts, P.E, and FPC?? What do you think?

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    Hey Bunny,

    I don't have much information on John Gross mags, but I have a thread over on Custom Cockers devoted to John Gross and FPC markers. I have seven Gross cockers now and have tried to put as much information about them on the thread (i still need to upload more photos). Several others have chimed in, including a former FPC employee. I have spoken with John via email a few times, and have also chatted with Tracy at PTP. According to Tracy, there was quite a bit of collaboration between PTP and FPC. They often batched their ano jobs together. A few of my JG markers have PTP detents or PTP powerfeeds. Have a look at the thread wen you have a chance and feel free to shot me a PM.

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