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Thread: Cherry Pyre FS

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    Talking Cherry Pyre FS

    Cherry Palmer Pyre #88

    Thought I was going to keep her but I'm looking at other projects.

    This is the first Pyre in "Cherry" scheme that I am aware of.
    This color scheme was special ordered prior to the introduction of the "Cherry" line and therefore it is a 1 of 1 in a brown / green camo hue -very similiar to the cherry anno except browner.

    I previously noted what I thought was some shredding of the stab screw. Took it apart and it looks fine. The air and velocity settings will need to be taken care but otherwise the parts are fine. It does have some leaking down the barrel which I believe would be fixed by a new cup seal. Please see photo below for stab ring and a mark on the feed neck from a stock class set screw.

    This package includes:
    • "Cherry" Palmer Pyre with 1 of 1 brown hue
      Cherry Wood .45 Grips
      .690 Palmer Brass Barrel (Double Ported, black with some brass showing)
      .685 Palmer Brass Barrel (Double Ported, also has some chipping paint on the end.)

    Price: $650 Shipped, includes flat rate shipping (certified) to continental US.

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    Cup seal received. Cup seal in the box still. BUMP! :-p

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