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Thread: CCI dropout changer/AR15 grip and WTF Puller Rig

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    CCI dropout changer/AR15 grip and WTF Puller Rig

    CCI dropout changer assembly (purple) and Lonestar grip, both are brand new $30 shipped (or trade for purple CCI .45 frame/Hogue grips and a Back bottle adapter assembly plus cash on my end)

    I ordered a custom build from WTF in late March. The build completion quote is August. However, between the time of order and now, I have no need for the chest rig and would like to put it up for sale to pass it on to someone who can use it.

    The chest rig is still being constructed and by no means will I ask for money until it is complete. What Id like to do is just have a name or list of names for those that would be interested in buying it from me. Or even better, if WTF will ship it directly to you.

    Please see the review here to see what the base model will look like:

    WTF Puller Vest Updated Review - YouTube

    What will differ from the chest rig in the link:

    1. Color of rig is CADPAT TW
    2. The sides of the rig are not PALS channels, but hard sewn general purpose zippered pouches.
    3. The shoulder straps are padded
    4. The shoulder straps have two columns of PALS channels so you can affix a radio pouch or whatever youd like.
    5. All the hardware is black and the paracord is olive.

    Once I have your name, Ill contact you once WTF lets me know the chest rig is ready. No money will be transferred until the chest rig is ready to be shipped to you. Pictures will be posted as soon as the chest rig is complete.

    This is completely custom made in the USA and has a lifetime warranty. WTF charged $250 plus shipping to make this.

    I'm asking $210 shipped and will entertain partial or full trades related to new air tanks, Automags, Phantoms, Phantom/Pump/Stock Class related gear, etc.
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