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Thread: ULE pneumag

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    ULE pneumag

    I'm in the process of building another pneumag. Most of it came from different buys and parts I had previously acquired.

    I think I'm ready to hook up the hoses and start tuning. I'll post pics when it's all finished, but the next 2 weeks are going to be rather busy, so don't know when that's going to happen. The LPR hose fits up through the bottom of the drop and through the bottom of the frame and the LPR sits very close to the drop, but isn't in the way of a tank. It's a very tight setup.

    Anyway, enjoy the pics and let me know what you think.

    chrome ULE body
    black twist feedneck
    .685 CP barrel
    raw Luke-milled am/mm rail (has decorative milling and is also milled for front-mount LPR)
    chrome intelliframe
    Luke's intelliframe pneu's mount plate
    bike grip
    DOP drop
    tickler LPR
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    Got the hoses run and it's fast. very short trigger pull and the tickler reg does a great job.

    For the moment, I put in a classic valve with rt on/off that I've run on other pneumags.
    Then I had to realign the ram and shave a little off the corner and arm of the valve.
    That allowed me to put in a shorter trigger rod so it all lines up really tight.
    I had to replace the piston o-ring in the tickler, but it turns out that it's the same size as the on/off seat o-ring for classic valves!

    I'll try to get some video later, but here's a pic of the innards with the hoses. Again, very little exposed hose!

    this pic is before I finished setting the trigger. the set screw does not come out the front of the trigger anymore.

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    and I see lots of views here, but no comments yet. You don't have to give a value; you're free to make suggestions and critiques.

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    I'd like to see it work as im about to put mine together finally. Waiting on 2 packages. Value depends on what you have in it and what your time is worth.

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    Shine it up! Looks good!

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