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Thread: Super Bolt: How much Recoil?

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    Super Bolt: How much Recoil?

    Hey Guys,

    Im about to get the Superbolt, but had a question for ppl with true experince with it. I wanted to know from the users, how much recoil does it have from stock stainless bolts?

    I was firing my Mag earlier today at the field, just one handed with the tank "resting" (not "shouldering") lightly on my arm. Firing it, i notice that the stainless did have somewhat a jump when fired when not firmly held. There are times when I have to shoot on the run, and its hard to shoulder the gun.

    Question is, will the superbolt eliminate this recoil? Is the difference really noticeable? I am not too concerned abut the breaking problems with the bolt, but am more concerned if the bolt will actually give me a performance increase.

    Plz, I dont wanna hear "it shoots great", let me kow why you like it over the stock stainless.

    Thx in advance.


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    i really liked it until the sleve fell off, actually i didnt notice a difference in recoil. I know what your talking about the jump but i wish i got more testing before i had to send it in for an update.
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    I noticed at least 40-50% less recoil

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    i definitely noticed a lack of recoil. but my 2 experiences with the superbolt have been some chopping ones. i'm really not sure if it was the bolt or me shortstroking it. i'm going to have to go out again to find out.

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    ah137 said it best. I agree with his statements. The gun feels totally different. I used mine this weekend in my E-mag and so far it has over 3000 rounds threw it. The new Superbolts are working perfectly (so far mine is). It was worth every penny.

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    makes the emag have no kick at all, if you have ever shot an angel it is about the same kick maybe less. go for it
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