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Thread: Egomag help

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    Egomag help

    Hey all! I posted this over on BEO also, but I figured I'd ask here too. Been away from the forums and paintball in general for a few years and I'm just getting back into it. I have a project mag that I want to get ripping but I am terrible at tuning and troubleshooting mags.

    Is there anyone still active on the forums that will take a pile of parts and make them sing? I have two X-valves; one with ULT and one without. I'm not sure which one should go in the egomag and I need both of them overhauled and tuned anyway.

    For the egomag I have:
    1.Choice of X-valve with ULT or X-valve without ULT
    2.Tac-One warp left body
    4.vert ASA (tapped for a front-facing LPR)
    5.Ego Star frame (milled to fit by Luke. Fantastic work as always!)
    8.Bob Long cam drive bottom ASA (needs to be milled for LPR line)
    9.Palmer Pebble LPR

    I appreciate any help. Thanks guys!

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    Here are pics of the parts I've accumulated so far.

    Partially assembled view:
    Name:  20150326_215831.jpg
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    Exploded view:
    Name:  20150326_220151.jpg
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    MM2k9 with standard X-valve:
    Name:  20150326_220912.jpg
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    The MM2k9 is shown because it has the non-ULT X-valve in it and I would like some help getting it up and running too. Might as well make it a package deal.

    For air supply I have a 68/4500 tank with a Ninja SHP reg set to 1250psi and I have a 70/4500 tank with a Ninja reg set to 850psi.

    I also have a full X-valve parts kit, including a trimmed down on/off and some quad o-rings that Hill included when I bought the Ego frame from him.

    Issues that I know about:
    -The LPR hole tapped in the front of the ASA is not straight so the pebble sticks out at an angle from the front of the marker..... I'm anal.... It's really annoying and I would like to replace the ASA to get it right.
    -The front screw that holds the ASA in place can only get about 2 threads to engage when the LPR is screwed in.... The LPR hole probably should have been a bit lower to give the screw more meat to grab on to.... Another reason for a replacement ASA.
    -The field strip screw is not long enough to engage the X-valve due to the thickness of the Ego frame so I need a different screw for that.
    -The Pebble LPR didn't come with barbs.... I didn't realize this.... Silly me.
    -I have no idea if the solenoid, ram or the Ego frame are functional. :P

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    The QEV on the ram is useless. you can use the ULT valve with the EMagGo because the board will compensate with dwell.
    Get an old style AM/MM vert adapter. the single screw type the shorter 2 screw type will not work with the LPR as shown. My guess is that it won't even hold air.
    ......You know you want one!!

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    Thanks for the feedback. I was afraid of that with the LPR hole... If I get a new ASA and drill the LPR hole lower it should work though right?

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