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Thread: Please help ID this Automag!!!

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    Please help ID this Automag!!!

    I just got this marker as a gift, can anyone help me ID it please? Thanks!Name:  IMG_3568.jpg
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    Great present. Could have been an RT ULE Custom from AGD (missing sight rail and foregrip) or a build that turned into one.

    -Looks like a 10 o'clock X-Valve. Nothing special about it's function. Just kind of a misprint, where the "X" is at 10 o'clock instead of 9 o'clock.
    -ULE body
    -RT Pro rail
    -Stock AGD barrel
    -32 Flame drop forward
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    Jeet yet ?
    Do you like it ?

    Have you played with it ?

    Personally I'd get an angel threaded clamping feedneck

    And a foregrip and

    And if you dont like the Yframe

    Its a very nice introductory marker to the world of Automags.

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