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Thread: WTB parts for project

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    WTB parts for project

    I'm looking for some parts for my next project.
    • RT Pro sear
    • Classic valve and a bolt (Lvl 10 if possible)
    • Vertical ASA for RT Pro rail, 15 degree angled if possible, NPT on both sides if possible
    • CCM fittings (x5), matte/dust black
    • Straight macro fitting to fit in the bottom recessed NPT of a Luke's LPR foregrip
    • Deadlwind Null AC and/or A-5 threads, short (like 6 or 8 inch)

    Shipping will be to 93940 or 95110, or can meet at events along California coast.

    I have a blue Helios CF body and a Grip Styx frame available for trading.
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    I think I have a rail bushing from a botched project. And dust black 12 gram charger. And some straight macro fittings. I'm in VA, though, so cheapest shipping method would be a flat rate small box. How about $15 shipped? I can toss in some other random things too. Send me a PM if you're interested.

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    still looking for a classic valve i also have a new in box x valve for sale too lmk

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