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Thread: RPG Mini Tac Pro

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    RPG Mini Tac Pro

    I bought this not long ago and it was in pretty bad shape (dried paint everywhere, rust, o rings bad, replaced the reg. valve pin assy, it was just plain filthy to my mag standards), however, I really do not need it. Plus, I can use the cash for real steal or something else mag related.

    I've tried capturing the marks on the gun, it defiantly was not a wall hanger and this mag was used. I must say, it is still in really great shape for it's age, I wanna say RogueFactor released this Mini Tac Pro back in 2007, although I could be wrong. Ive taken off the original steal braided line, because I did not trust it (pretty bad shape). I've replaced it with macroline, and a new asa, there is not a single leak.

    Did I mention this mag is field ready and shoots ropes! From my understanding RogueFactor only released 8 of these Mini Tac Pros and this is 1 of the 8. I can include all paperwork that I received when I purchased it from the previous owner. This sale includes what you see:


    RPG Mini Tac Pro (all parts were dusted black to match)
    RPG body and rail
    RPG original barrel
    RPG Subzero
    RPG duel detents
    RPG Splinter Blade trigger (added a nylon tip set screw)
    RPG Intelliframe (Safety works, RogueFactor gutted these particular frame to make them lighter)
    RPG grip
    X valve (level X with the red spring)
    ULT on/off (currently with 6 shims)
    rt vasa
    bike grip
    Dye sticky grips
    CP mini rail
    Dangerous Power asa
    All new macroline fittings.

    700.00 or obo shipped and PP...Not Looking to Part at this Time. Only looking to ship within the states...sorry. Should you have any question's or want more pics feel free to send me a PM. Thanks for looking.
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