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Thread: warp feed style detent setup

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    warp feed style detent setup

    If anyone has an x-mag could you be so kind to tell me where the detent is in relation to the center of the paint inside the breech? I know the detent is on top, I'm not sure as to how far it is from the centerline of the ball location. I have a warp feed left project that might work if I get a detent setup properly. thanks to anyone that can help, -Rickenmag22.

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    I can't check this second, but what are you trying to do? Add a second detent?

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    Same as the centerfeed....

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    I already made a classic body warp feed, problem is the docs automag barrel adapter is stuck inside it, I was hoping I could install a detent on top of the body, just like the x mag warp left breech is set up.

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    You could use the lightest loc-tite on a barrel you don't much care for, let it dry into the adapter and take them out?

    Is it seized in the body? The barrel retention thing is pressed into the rail, meaning the adapter would slide out if you remove the body from the rail, assuming it's not seized?

    yes, i could have purchased something new for the same money.

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    I'm pretty sure it's seized, I'm thinking it would be easier to just get an xmag then restore it. I love the classic rt, but I don't even know if a ball detent will work?

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    Is there anyone else that could help or give advice?

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    So just to make sure. You have removed the rail and tried to get the adapter out?

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