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Thread: UFC jibba jabba

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    Mayweather isn't a dumb fighter, sure he may not know how to read but he would never accept an MMA fight against one of the top fighters in his respective weight division, the only thing that would warrant that is money, and I don't see the UFC wanting to split that paycheck the way Mayweather would want, maybe if it was a Modified MMA fight with no ground game/grappling and put on by Mayweather's & McGregor's fighting productions, we might see a "mma" Mayweather/McGregor card

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    I would still like to see Mayweather/McGregor in a modified MMA fight, with some simple rules.
    1. Standup up fight
    2. MMA gloves
    3. MMA cage
    4. Five 5 minutes rounds
    6. Elbows, holding & hitting and standup grappling all legal. (You can toss your opponent down, you just can't jump on him)

    I think it's a fair trade-off between the two sports, I bet both guys would take that fight.

    I'd really like to see kicks added for #7.

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    Mayweather promotions are always Showtime.

    Have you guys seen the video where Dana was talking about what happened at the first stop on the Mayweather/McGregor promotional tour ?

    I doubt McGregor will do anything with Showtime again, they screwed up with messing with the mics...

    "When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty." Thomas Jefferson

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