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Thread: Automag with Lots of Parts, Looking for a new Home.

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    Automag with Lots of Parts, Looking for a new Home.


    It has been a very long time since I last posted here, hope all of you are doing well. Long story short, I am selling my gear and would like to know what I can get for this. I would prefer to sell it all as a package deal and would rather not part it out.
    The items are labelled and will list them below:

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    1: Sight Rail, Glossy Silver, not sure of the brand.
    2: Sight Rail, Matte Black, not sure of the brand.
    3: Original Automag Body with the feedtube grinded down 1"
    4: ULE body, Black, Centerfeed.
    5: Stock Body with the Pin removed to accomodate the ULE Body.
    6: Gass-Thru Stock
    7: Benchmark .45 Wraparound Grips
    8: Dye .45 Rubber grips.
    9: Automag X-Valve VV8638, Tuned and ready to fire, Black Mini-Mag Body with filed down feed tube, AGD Double Trigger, Angled Foregrip Carbon Fibre.
    10: Docs Machines Barrel Adapter so that Autococker Threaded Barrels can be used.
    11: DYE Proto Barrel, Autococker Threads
    12: Smart Parts Barrel, Autococker Threads, not sure of the Bore size.
    13: Dye Boomstick, Stainless Steel, Automag threads.
    14: Smart Parts All American Barrel, Autmag Threads.
    15: Stock Automag Grip
    16: Single trigger Frame, Black, Dye rubber grips, I think benchmark made this one.
    17: Gas-Thru foregrip, Red but i wrapped it in Black Electrical tape.
    18: Stock Automag Bolt
    19: Shocktech Drop Forward, Short
    20: Shocktech Drop forward, Long
    21: Bottle thread Protector
    22: Bottle Adapter, Straight, not angled
    23: Foregrip, not sure who makes it.
    24: 45 Degree Elbow.
    25: X-Valve Parts Kit
    26: ULE Trigger Kit along with the 3 Springs and the stock spring.
    27: Smart Parts Bottle Adapter? (I can't remember what it's called).

    And there you have it, I hope to find a good home for all these parts and I look forward to hearing back from you guys.


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    I (and many others) can give you going prices on all those individual items, but you're not going to get anywhere near their value selling it all as a package. If you're willing to wait long enough, you might find someone who needs enough of those parts to buy the whole thing for a reasonable price, but my guess is that you'll wait a while.

    My recommendation is to split this up into packages.
    Do the minimag with the two twistlok barrels.
    Build the ULE body into a valveless mag and include the two cocker barrels.
    Then lump everything that's left into a parts package.

    I think this will get you the best money for what you have.

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    If your willing to sell piece by piece I'd be interested in the Docs Adapter

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    Thank you Bowcycle,

    That sounds reasonable, maybe I will try that option.

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    PM sent

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    yes, I also sent a PM a few days ago.

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    Follow up PM sent

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    email sent.

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    PM you

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    What if anything is still available??

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