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Thread: XT Customs Update

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    XT Customs Update

    Droping a line on here to update everyone on what im up to

    -Purchased mazak 4 axis mill with 65" X and 21" Y travel for doing big parts, MP700 renishaw probing system, dual renishaw TS27R toolsetters, 12" 4th axis table, fully loaded!!

    -moving the shop to a 50'x80' building

    -working on evo body foregrip prototype to get it ready for production.

    -planning on making a small batch of classic RT ULE bodies

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    Awesome!!! Want to see it in action.

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    if you feel like getting into archery stuff too, let me know. I have a friend who's been looking for a good machinist for a long time.
    He makes some pretty fine bows.

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    mmmm RT ule bodies...

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    Can't wait for the RT ULE.

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    I'm down for at least two classic RT bodies. I also have a bunch of RT barrels if you want them XMT. We could cut them down to cocker threads

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    Put me down for a classic rt ule body as well. My brother needs to lighten up the E-rt.

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    Ready and waiting for the Evo Forgrip

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    Boooo mazak, but would like to see body.

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    Count me in on an RT ule body.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jack_zilla View Post
    Boooo mazak, but would like to see body.
    Mazak is king. I would take a Mazak over a Okuma or Mori any day.

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    Checking just about everyday to see when your starting the forgrips. Money is ready!

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    post a tour video when you get it all set up and running!

    props on going out on your own like this, that's the way to do it, takes some serious balls to invest the small fortune it takes to open a shop up, most people have no clue
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