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Thread: XT Customs Update

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    XT Customs Update

    Droping a line on here to update everyone on what im up to

    -Purchased mazak 4 axis mill with 65" X and 21" Y travel for doing big parts, MP700 renishaw probing system, dual renishaw TS27R toolsetters, 12" 4th axis table, fully loaded!!

    -moving the shop to a 50'x80' building

    -working on evo body foregrip prototype to get it ready for production.

    -planning on making a small batch of classic RT ULE bodies

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    Awesome!!! Want to see it in action.

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    if you feel like getting into archery stuff too, let me know. I have a friend who's been looking for a good machinist for a long time.
    He makes some pretty fine bows.

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    mmmm RT ule bodies...

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