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Thread: TAC ONE - possibly unused

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    TAC ONE - possibly unused

    @ $475
    I got this TAC ONE in a set of circa 2005 pro quality woodsball gear that was sold as never used, and while I have no way to prove that it all looked to be true. Looked like a SPEC OPS sponsorship package maybe, had a ton of S/O stuff (rest is gone or kept).

    Marker is super super clean and doesn't appear to have any paint residue anywhere at all, and includes original box & sales stuff. It does, if you look real close on the right hand side near valve, look like there were a few nicks that may have been touched up. See closeup pic of same. Seems odd given everything else, but hey there it is. If there's touchup product applied it doesn't rub off easily. Full xvalve kit included, manual, box, all you see. I haven't aired this up and given it's been sitting for over a decade it may need some oring freshening to go into service.

    $580 baseline at AGD, and have been out of inventory for some time.

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