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Thread: Where to get electronc components?

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    Where to get electronc components?

    For me it's mostly - they got huge selection, but some I just can't find anywhere. Got some from Newegg, still can't find remote coil and an lcd circuit board for my new gun. So for now the main problem is finding the components that can potentially fit into my project, and then I will probably need to refine the design so that it's viable and power efficient. There are so many parts out there that it is hard to know all of the possible options. It takes a lot of research.

    I want to build something special this time. I know most people stick to what they know and have experience working on from past projects. Another problem is that custom part specifications are hard to read for a non-professional. To design with something that I already know would vastly improve the chances of my prototype working in short order. Need your recommendations.

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    digikey or mouser has most anything you need
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    You are very vague with what you need or are looking for. I know you would want to keep the design or capabilities all secret, but if you don't give an idea of what you want, what you want to do, or even what you are looking for, going through places like Mouser or DigiKey is like emptying a swimming pool with a teaspoon.

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    Are you planning on using passive components only, or going for a microcontroller project? Pancake solenoid or electro pneumatic(EP)? We can help you with some component selection, but like Nobody said, we need more information about your project idea. You've come to the right place to talk mad crazy customs!

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