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Thread: Long bow and Q bow kit/accessories

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    Long bow and Q bow kit/accessories

    Tried to move a complete TacOne Longbow but didn't have any luck. So I think I'm going to part it out, but would like to get an idea of what things would be worth. I know what a TacOne goes for really just need an appraisal on the Longbow Kit and the Qbow parts I have thanks!!

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    Granted I am trying to get the qbow adapter kit from you, so obviously with a grain of salt, from what I've seen purchasing up whatever longbow parts I can, The Longbow Adapter - 80-100$ , Longbow Mag - 60-75$, Stock and shroud 200-250, X-Valve - 170-190, Tac-One body ~150$, Intelliframe 75- 90$ , Longbow ready rail ~50$... the Qbow adapter itself I havent really seen, but considering it's just a Longbow mag with most of the mag chopped off I would assume it'd be worth around the same or a little less than a Longbow mag. That being said, in addition to my offer for the qbow adapter, Id be happy to give you 70 shipped for the Longbow mag.
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