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Thread: Strange parts on a MiniMag

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    Strange parts on a MiniMag

    This was posted MCB,

    Maybe people over here might know more about the parts.

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    it looks like a 90's machinist owned it and had some spare time at work.

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    someone wanted to get in on the spacemag game.

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    Neat setup.

    Most of the parts are custom made by the look of it. I'm not sure if any of them are aftermarket.

    Thats not a minimag. The body is a regular mag body with a machined extension on it. The forgrip extesion is neat. It think that is a sidecar squeegie holder. The bottom line ASA adapter is neat since it is obviously machined to help as an expansion chamber. I'm not sure how effective it would be at that location, especially since the remote bottle configuration will fix most of the issues with liquid anyway. There is a palmer regulator on the bottle, which is great at helping against liquid. If you want to run a level 10, it won't work so well since it reduces the available operating pressure.
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